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The SuperCPU was designed with GEOS users in mind. In fact, the SuperCPU has a special optimization mode supplied intentionally to help speed GEOS operations. Before using GEOS with the SuperCPU, however, users need to run the GEOS SuperInstall program supplied with the unit. SuperInstall automatically installs options on your GEOS boot disk that are necessary to use the SuperCPU with GEOS. The additions and modifications made by SuperInstaller are as follows:
Complete step-by-step instructions for using SuperInstall to modify GEOS boot disks are included in the SuperCPU Users Guide. Once the patches and additional files have been installed, you'll be able to boot GEOS in the same manner in which you have always done. In addition, your GEOS boot disk will continue to function properly whether the SuperCPU is present or not -- the new routines automatically detect your hardware configuration while booting.


While SUPERGEOS functions mainly as an auto-exec that installs SuperCPU patches during the boot process, it can also be run as an application. When operated in this manner, it presents a representation of the SuperCPU front panel controls, but with one additional switch on the far right, labelled 'GEOS OPTIMIZE'. While the UNIT and JIFFYDOS switches shown on the displayed control panel do nothing, clicking on SPEED or GEOS OPTIMIZE switches changes these functions within the SuperCPU itself (as well as on the screen). This control panel can thus be used to change the speed of your SuperCPU, or to disable the GEOS Optimization mode which is normally turned on during the boot process.


The two Super mouse drivers have been specially designed to make mouse input devices operate smoothly at high speed. To facilitate this, one of the mouse buttons has been programmed to switch TURBO mode off while the button is held down. The following shows the button assignments for the two drivers:
SuperSmart Driver
Left Button: Turbo Single-click
Center Button: Normal Single-click
Right Button: Turbo Double-click

Super1351 Driver
Left Button: Turbo Single-click
Right Button: Normal Single-click


Due to the use of the GEOS Optimization mode built into the SuperCPU, GEOS applications are able to operate at a highly efficient speed. In addition, thanks to the expertise of GEOS programmer Maurice Randall, the provided GEOS patches deliver an extremely high level of compatibility. GEOS programmers, however, just like many other Commodore programmers, don't always follow conventional standards -- even Geoworks' (formerly Berkeley SoftWorks) programmers would occasionally throw caution to the wind and break some of their own guidelines in writing GEOS applications. While every attempt has been made to assure that things will work smoothly, there are bound to be some oddities lurking about. The SuperCPU enables GEOS to run at speeds many times faster than the original authors could have ever foreseen possible. While we can't guarantee every problem can be resolved, we will investigate and attempt to duplicate and resolve all problems which are reported and properly documented.

That aside, the following are a few notes about various GEOS attributes with respect to the SuperCPU and SUPERGEOS patches:

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